Gems to Cherish for My Daughter

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It is the heaviest of all emotions. I will continue to fall short. I have, and I do. Keep in mind, whichever you choose to feel and believe? You are free, of course, to tell yourself I am not here, there, and never have been.

Gems To Cherish For My Daughter

Or my limitations. I know you remember it. My children were never in my shadow, you were all my light. I simply reflected it back to you, and you, in your child-like wonder, attributed it to me. With or without honors. Specific praise is for a small child who needs praise to reinforce good behavior. For me, I think I finally grew up when I saw and accepted my parents for who they were then, in the moment, not who I wished them to be or remain. So you see, no one is an expert on my love more than me. And I have no idea how to stop once I love someone.

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Those are the deepest hurts. Loving someone who hurts you, time and again. Those are tough boundaries to hold when you love without expectation and end. I also like to think I taught you how to love by showing you what love looks like the times I did, and do, show up. And if you choose to focus on those times rather than the many times you feel and believe I let you down, you might see me, and yourself, differently.


Me and my love for you. You only get to determine how much you allow to keep filling you, each storm-filled day. That you might know the difference between love with conditions and unconditional love. That you choose to see love in your interactions with those who love you rather than attacks and abandonment. Because in the end…. I make clear my limitations, always. Whether people understand, respect, or acknowledge them?

Not up to me. And that grounding light, it can and will be there, always. Because I can sing this song…. Sign in Get started. And your mom wanted you to always be surprised. Then, I picked you up from school midday, and we dined together as a special holiday treat. And there was even our pet lab, Cali, subbing as Santa.

As girls, we are taught to nurture, be kind, and caring. This is all lovely, and without a doubt, something to exercise and send out into the world. Always know that your voice—in however you can communicate—matters in this world. Never silence it. Remember that your mom knew you inside-out, and so advocated fiercely for your unique needs. Cradle her strength, tears, and persistence. So, remember that bright flowery dress that you so loved to try on, and how as you spun round, it flowed as free as the wind. Do flow into life! Feel free!

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They served as a security blanket when you needed one the most. Even cherish the memory of my high-heeled black boots that I only wore on occasion; but you liked to click-clack in daily. They show how we hold both similar and yet different tastes. And when this happens, you need to feel it, release, and then persevere. So, remember the time when we lost our dearest elderly friend, George. After his memorial, mom sat near her bedroom window, staring outward, crying. You returned me to the present with your sweet eyes. Then, you patted my tears, and we hugged.

Like the spa I created in my bedroom equipped with dim lighting, meditative music, essential oils, and my soft touch. I will be that warm tingle when you cry, that extra heartbeat when you laugh, that soulful grounding when grief feels as if it could fly you away or drown you.

Daughter, it took nine years for your imagination to grow you into a mom to your treasured doll. Motherhood is like this, Summer.

You have a dream buried deep in the beautiful blue sands of time. She hibernates and ripens in this soul-space. And then, one day, like a miracle, she blooms. Summer, you are my best, best, best, best, best, best girl. And mommy will always, always, always, always, always love you. I hope you have enjoyed my post, and it has inspired you to one day create your own loving list of lessons and memories. I answered her in my post, Memories of Mom Set to Magic , which she now holds so dear to her heart.

I wrote my lessons and memories to my daughter listening to this serene music. Subscribe to Mom Soul Soothers to keep up. Share a post if it speaks to your soul. And if you know someone who needs to be soothed, please send her or him this way.

Then, you need to click to finish the process. Now I can spoil those twins as well as my US family from my home!

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